Ski & Snowboard

Rohner Ski- and Snowboard socks: Optimal use for all winter sports.

Our socks are optimized to offer maximum comfort, warmth and sensations, so you can enjoy in the best way possible all kind of winter sports. Each sock model is available in several color variations with a stylish and functional design. Our socks are suitable for all types and levels of sportlers, and they can be used in all types of weather conditions. Our socks are suited for each of you! Order your sock Ski- and Snowboard through our online store!

Rohner socks online-shop offers a wide range of socks that have antibacterial and anti-odor functions. Our ski-snowboard socks also fit perfectly to the anatomy of the foot. With the reinforcement of the tibia and the protection zone of the ankle enjoy long descents on the slopes or in powder snow!





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