Premium women’s socks

In the course of our life, our feet carry us several times around the earth: we walk approximately 130,000 km. For exactly this reason you should do something good to your feet, nurture them and spoil them with high-quality non-slip socks (Rohner socks are designed with a special non-slip tube for a better grip) made from bamboo, merino or cashmere. Rohner Socks has designed elegant and functional women socks that excel through excellent processing and use of premium materials. Discover the variety of women’s socks today and experience how a pleasant foot feeling can improve the overall well-being. 

Women’s socks - comfortable and chic

Rohner non-slip socks (with non-slip tube) for women are exeptionally sturdy and thanks to their high durability a reliable companion under all circumstances. The products of the renowned label are continuously improved and convince through highest quality, attractive design and selected materials as a result of the company’s longstanding experience and specialisation in footwear. With the non-slip and breathable women’s socks you will always be right. They keep your feet comfortably dry and make sure your footwear doesn’t cause you any blisters – this is especially important during winter season if you are wearing high boots or booties. As the feet are the most used part of the human body, it is always worth to pay attention to outstanding quality when it comes to socks. Rohner women’s socks offer exactly this. The prices may be a little higher due to development costs, but considering the excellent characteristics of these socks, they are fully justified.

Rohner women’s socks – always something special

Women’s business socks should protect the foot and its most sensitive parts without missing out on the appearance. The range of women’s socks available in the Rohner online shop not only fulfills highest requirements of quality, but is also designed appealing and in sophisticated colours. The various characteristics make these socks a perfect companion in everyday life. The Rohner women’s socks 

  • are breathable. They keep the feet dry and warm.
  • avoid bad odours before they arise.
  • feature a reinforced heel and ball of the foot to protect areas that just need it most.
  • do not slip, pinch or leave pressure marks.
  • feature a hand-linked toe area.
  • are numbered in pairs to avoid mix-up after washing.
  • feature a non-slip tube.
  • are characterised by their particularly long durability

Discover the variety of women’s socks 

Given the fact that a person does around 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day and spends about 25 to 57 percent of their lives on the feet, Rohner women’s socks are an investment in the own body and wellbeing. When buying women’s socks online make sure you get quality ones. Discover the wide range of high-quality Rohner women’s socks today and let yourself be inspired!


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